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Does Powdered Milk Go Bad?



Powdered milk DOES go bad.

More Info: Depending on the type, sealed boxes of powdered milk have a shelf life between six to eighteen months if stored in an airtight container at a cool 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s impressive compared to milk’s eighteen-day shelf life. Once the powdered milk is reconstituted, it should be handled in exactly the same manner as you would fresh milk

Powdered Milk Shelf Life

All expiration timelines are contingent upon storage conditions. For optimal product freshness, milk powder should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

Non-fat dry milk & milk powder (non-instant): 12-18 months

Non-fat dry milk & milk powder (instant): 6-12 months

Dry whole milk/whole milk powder: 6-9 months

Buttermilk/dry buttermilk: 6-9 months

What Is Powdered Milk?

Powdered milk is made from pasteurized low-fat milk that has had its water removed. During this process, low-fat milk is pasteurized at high temperatures. Vacuum evaporation removes most of the water, the remaining extracted through spray drying.

Did You Know: Powdered milk a great addition to any emergency survival supplies as it has a decent shelf life and requires only water to produce milk that can be used in any circumstance that you would fresh milk?

Did You Know: The United States is one of the leading milk powder providers in the world? More than eighty plants supply 10% of the world’s milk powder production.

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