Does Rayon Breathe?

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Rayon does breathe.

More Info: Rayon, a synthetic fiber made from the cellulose of wood pulp, has many benefits one of which is its ability to breathe, which means that air can flow through easily.  Rayon is also light-weight and flexible allowing it to drape comfortably.

Benefits of Rayon Fabrics

Some of the benefits of rayon fabrics include absorbing moisture well, being soft and taking easily to the dye process. Rayon fabrics are made of soft threads, which feel very comfortable to wear and make the fabric drape well. Rayon is made from cellulose and this makes it a very versatile fiber that has the look and feel of natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton. Although rayon absorbs moisture well, it breathes and does not insulate body heat, which makes it a good fabric for use in humid and hot locations.

Disadvantages of Rayon Fabrics

Some of the disadvantages of rayon fabrics include not wearing well, wrinkling easily and not being colorfast. Rayon is considered a creeping fiber, which is a fiber that stretches when it takes in moisture. This leads to rayon fabrics losing their shape when exposed to dampness from perspiration and to shrinking when washed. Since rayon fabrics absorb moisture, they are vulnerable to mildewing without proper care. As a fabric, rayon is made of soft threads, which, over time, will fade when exposed to sunlight, deteriorate and show wear more quickly than other fabrics.


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