Does Smoking Give You Yellow Teeth?

Author: JM S Morales
Smoking DOES give you yellow teeth.

Smoking and Its Effects on the Teeth

Smoking is one of the causes of extrinsic and age-related discolorations on the teeth, due to the yellow stains the intake of tar brings to the teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, stained teeth is just one of the side effects that smoking has on your oral health. Other side effects include oral cancer, periodontal or gum disease, halitosis and diminished taste and smell.

Smokers are also more at risk for calculus build-up, which also causes unsightly teeth. Calculus is hardened plaque that, when it builds-up below your gum line, causes destruction to the gum tissues making them recede from the normal gum line. This further puts you at risk for periodontitis, which occurs when receding gums form pockets of bacteria from the calculus build-up, which in turn causes the loss of teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, tobacco products are in fact associated with higher risk for gum disease and tooth loss. According to the statistics presented by the American Dental Association, smoking causes seventy-five percent of periodontal disease in adults.

But it is not only cigarette smoking that causes yellow teeth and a multitude of oral health problems, but tobacco in all forms as well, be it in cigar, pipe or spit tobacco form.  Even smokeless tobacco causes damage to your teeth, as it is made of sand and grit that actually wears your teeth down. That is why it is highly recommended that smoking be stopped at the earliest time possible before it can wreak severe havoc to your oral health.

Quitting the Habit

Now that you are fully aware of the harmful effects that smoking has on your oral health, it is wise to start thinking about quitting. According to the American Dental Association, the first step to quitting smoking is setting a low stress date as your deadline for quitting.


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