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Does Soapstone Burn?



Soapstone does not burn.

More Info: Because soapstone is heat resistant, placing a hot pan on its surface will not scorch it.  In fact, soapstone is so heat-resistant it is used in masonry heaters used to heat homes.

Soapstone Is Top Contender for Durability

Heat resistance is just one of soapstone’s many durable qualities.  Because soapstone is non-porous liquid does not permeate the surface to cause stains or harbor bacteria.  It is easy to clean and can handle almost any cleaner that you choose including those that should be avoided with other natural surface countertops such as ammonias and acidic cleaners.

What It Takes to Burn a Rock

An interesting study conducted at the geology lab at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada tested the effects of heat on rocks in an effort to understand the exact effect that heat has upon rocks and at what point a rock will ultimately crack under the strain of heat.  The researchers discovered that under normal conditions even a common campfire is not sufficient to burn a stone.  For a stone to begin to crack from strain, several conditions must exist including heating a rock to an extreme temperature coupled with a rapid cooling process, the minerals that are interspersed throughout the rock, and how much strain the piece of rock is already experiencing.


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