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Does Soapstone Scratch?



Though extremely durable, soapstone can scratch.

More Info: Because a soapstone countertop does not require sealing and is more natural and rustic looking than a shiny solid surface, scratches are less apparent and in many cases can be buffed out easily.  In fact, many homeowners that choose soapstone for its rustic charm feel that the scratches, nicks, and dents that a soapstone countertop acquires over time add to its natural beauty.

How to Avoid Scratching Soapstone Countertops

Use a cutting board.  To take extra precautions against scratching, use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the countertop surface.  This will also help to protect your knives from becoming dull and worn.

Avoid abrasive cleaners.  Because soapstone is non-porous and does not require a shiny sealed surface you can choose cleaning products that you should never use of other solid surfaces such as ammonia or acidic cleaners.  You will want to avoid any cleaners that contain abrasives that may cause minor scratching.

Resist the urge to scrape.  If you find you have a spill or mess that has dried to your soapstone surface, avoid the urge to scrape it up.  Instead, place a wet cloth over until it softens and then wipe it clean.

Oops I Scratched It

Some minor scratches will simply wear away with time; others will become part of the look and feel of your countertop. The application of a mineral oil can help to soften and blend the look of scratches, though it will alter the color of your countertop temporarily.  Keep in mind that because soapstone is non-porous the oil will simply coat the surface, which in itself can appear scratched.  Larger scratches can be buffed out with a fine grit sandpaper.



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