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Does Vinegar Go Bad?

Does Vinegar Go Bad? l


Though one study concluded that vinegar does NOT go bad, many extension services place the shelf-life of vinegar at 12 months for an open container and 2 years for a sealed container.

More Info:  According to the Vinegar Institute, the vinegar manufacturer’s association, vinegar does not go bad.  Studies conducted by the Institute to determine the shelf life of vinegar have concluded that although there might be aesthetic changes to vinegar over time, it can be enjoyed by people everywhere at any time, no matter how long they’ve had the bottle due to its acidic, self-preserving nature. (Read More Here)


It is important to note that although this study exists, many extension services have different recommendations suggesting that the shelf life of vinegar is approximately 12 months for an open container and two years for a sealed container.

Did You Know: As an ingredient in many recipes, vinegar’s success is undeniable, but its contribution to households extends far beyond a recipe. Many people have discovered that vinegar makes an excellent household cleaner. It has an outstanding track record at evaporating grease that is stuck on kitchen counters. Its cleaning properties prove its ability to destroy. Evidence of this property is furthered by its knack for destroying bacteria. If someone plans to can pickles, they’ll need some vinegar on hand to make things go cleanly and smoothly. That’s not the only thing that vinegar is good for.

Did You Know: Vinegar’s uses have been well documented over the years and include a long list of accomplishments that extend from the kitchen to the lawn. It has been used to kill weeds, keep ants away from food, and clean windows. Add this to its flavor in many recipes, and vinegar becomes a useful household product no cook or cleaner should be without. A list of all of vinegar’s uses would span pages.



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