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Does Vitamin C Keep You Awake?



Vitamin C DOES keep you awake.

More Info: Several studies have emerged that successfully tested vitamin C against fatigue.  In the first study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers administered intravenous vitamin C to 141 participants and measured fatigue scores at two hours and one day.  The fatigue scores were significantly lower at both intervals in those receiving the vitamin C supplementation.

The second study, published in the Canadian Journal of Sport Sciences, administered vitamin C supplementation to rats and concluded that the vitamin C delayed fatigue.

Why Vitamin C May Keep You Awake

While many try to get an energy boost from drinks and supplements, these substances are packed with sugar and caffeine. For those searching for a more natural way to stay awake, Vitamin C is a great option.

How It Works

Although the consumption of Vitamin C does not directly result in increased energy, the functions and organs that it affects play a vital role in stimulation and fatigue prevention. Some individuals who suffer from a lack of energy on a continuing basis may be one of the many who suffer from anemia. This condition is caused by an iron deficiency, which Vitamin C can help eliminate by aiding in iron absorption.

Vitamin C as a Metabolic and Immunity Aide

Vitamin C also plays a vital role in converting fat into energy, which aides in less fatigue. This process occurs due to Vitamin C’s ability to adequately transport fat. However, if your are searching for a product that will keep you awake for extended periods of time, Vitamin C isn’t the answer. While it doesn’t provide an instant energy boost, it can increase immunity. By stimulating white blood cells, Vitamin C plays a vital role in fending off illness, which often results in fatigue. In fact, Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of falling victim to certain health conditions by up to sixty-seven percent.

Sources of Vitamin C

One of the most simplistic ways to gain energy through the benefits of Vitamin C is to consume it within a regular diet. Other over-the-counter products also provide a sufficient dose of this energy-increasing substance.




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