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Does Vitamin C Work for Rosacea?

Does Vitamin C Work for Rosacea?


There is evidence that Vitamin C preparations can help reduce the appearance of erythema, or the inflammation and reddening of the skin that is associated with rosacea .

Background on Rosacea

According to statistics, 45 million from all over the world are afflicted with rosacea and 14 million of this number are individuals from the United States . The most tell-tale signs of being afflicted with rosacea is the presence of tiny red bumps and cysts, broken blood vessels and pink, irritated eyes . Because of the presence of tiny red bumps and the general redness of the affected areas, rosacea is often mistaken for acne. The main difference between acne and rosacea however is that unlike with acne, rosacea is not controlled or treated by extraction.

The exact cause of rosacea has yet to be pinpointed. There are theories that suggest however that the symptoms are caused by the dilation of the small blood vessels on the face. That is why there is still no cure for this condition. As such, the various symptoms of rosacea can only be controlled by treatment and regular maintenance.

Treatment of Rosacea with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is recognized as possessing anti-inflammatory properties, and is therefore recommended in managing the inflammation and reddening of the face that is associated with rosacea.

Dr. R.B. Carlin of Saddleback Memorial Hospital, Laguna Hills, California, performed a study on twelve individuals that were afflicted with stage one and stage two acne rosacea . Stage one rosacea is pre-rosacea. The main characteristic symptom of stage one rosacea is frequent blushing of the face. Meanwhile, stage two rosacea is vascular rosacea, where there is erythema in the midfacial areas. The twelve stage one and stage two patients were told to apply a topical preparation consisting of 5% L-ascorbic acd (vitamin C), combined with tyrosine and zinc on the affected areas on a daily basis for three consecutive weeks resulted in the marked reduction of erythema or redness and inflammation of the face, in nine out of the twelve patients that were tested.


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