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Does Vitamin D Help Gout?



There is no strong clinical evidence that vitamin D helps gout.

More Info: In recent years, research into the positive or negative effects of vitamin D has become far more sophisticated. A two-year, University of Melbourne study of 2,256 woman ages 70 and over for example found that a single shot of vitamin D increased by 15% and 26% their respective risk of falls and bone fractures.

Gout Research

There is a tremendous amount of research data showing a beneficial link between vitamin C and the reduction of the likelihood of gout. Less prevalent is a causal link between vitamin D and reduced onset of the most painful form of arthritis, gout. Part of the problem is that the relationship between gout and vitamin D is complex. One study found that sufferers of gout had lower vitamin D3, but the general consensus is that research has yet to clearly pinpoint the role of vitamin D with regards to the incidence and prevention of gout.

Diet Is the Culprit

The main culprit with regards to gout is a person’s diet. Whereas an increased intake of vitamin D is still to be confirmed as far as its overall effect on the reduction of incidence of gout, other changes in daily food intake can have a much more immediate impact. These include: reducing consumption of so-called nightshade foods, items such as white potatoes and tomatoes, which contain the chemical alkaloid solanine; avoiding food additives such as MSG and artificial sweeteners; and even reducing not just food but also the amount and types of prescription drugs being administered.

Excessive beer and wine consumption has also been found to increase the statistical incidence of gout, with the former a more likely cause than the latter. So a person susceptible to gout, instead of taking additional vitamin D, will be better served by keeping their alcohol consumption well below the daily, recommended minimums, and even selecting one or two days (or more) per week that they designate to be alcohol-free.



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