Does Vitamin E Prevent Wrinkles?

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The use of vitamin E to prevent wrinkles is ineffective.

What Are Skin Wrinkles? 

Wrinkles are a common concern among many. Young skin has more elasticity, which helps skin spring back into shape. In combination with collagen levels and the layer of fat beneath the skin, youthful skin appears smooth and desirable. As individuals age collagen levels decrease, the layer of fat beneath the skin thins, and the overall elasticity of skin is reduced. The result is the appearance of wrinkles-a sign of aging that many attempt to prevent through various beauty methods.

Synthetic Vitamin E

One commonly held belief is that vitamin E helps prevent wrinkles. However, this belief is without basis. While vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it has not been shown to positively reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some studies have shown that alpha tocopherol cream, which is a form of vitamin E, can decrease skin roughness, length of facial lines and the depth of wrinkles. However, these claims are still under investigation and have not been substantiated. Further, it is a common marketing ploy of the anti-aging industry to include exaggerated claims on labels of their products. These are often declarations of the inclusion of vitamin E, which people think is good for their skin. However, these products usually contain only small amounts of synthetic vitamin E which, even if vitamin E was proven to prevent wrinkles, would not benefit skin as much as the more expensive natural vitamin E.


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Expert Opinion 

Quote: "Finally, eating a diet that is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and others can help protect us from free radical damage. I believe it would also be wise to place a lotion on the skin in addition to sunscreen that has antioxidants as part of the formula, such as a vitamin C, E or alpha-lipoic acid cream. "

Source: Nicholas Perricone, M.D. 

Quote: "Look for these vitamins to fight wrinkles. Vitamin antioxidants that may have an effect on fine lines on the skin include vitamin E, C as well as the retinoids which are vitamin A derivatives: niacinamide, alpha lipoic acid , ubiquinone and idebenone are the other ingredients to look for. "

Source: Mariusz J. A. Sapijaszko, MD FRCPC
Director of the Western Canada Dermatology Institute


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