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Dream Interpretation of Teeth Falling Out

Dream Interpretation of Teeth Falling Out


There are various interpretations for the dream of teeth falling out. Below are some of the most common explanations of this common dream.

Lack of Self Confidence

According to the book “Dream Interpretation by Example”, written by Wayde Gilchrist, the dream of teeth falling out means that you lack self-confidence, particularly in dealing with a new challenge or situation that you are confronting in your life.

Fear of Causing Castration to Yourself

According to the popular book “The Interpretation of Dreams”, written by the famed neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, dreams of teeth falling out have a sexual interpretation. According to Dr. Freud, the extraction of teeth by another is usually interpreted as castration and relates this to the act of masturbation in males, wherein the loss of sperm occurs.

It can also mean fear of sexual inadequacy.

Anxiety About Your Appearance

Dreams about teeth falling can also be interpreted to mean that you are having anxiety about how you look and how others appreciate your appearance. According to this interpretation, teeth are a symbol of your appearance and how comfortable you are with how you look. When you smile, it shows how comfortable and confident you are about your appearance. Thus, when you dream of losing your teeth, it is a symbol of how worried you are about your appearance or how you are not confident about the current state of your appearance.

More About Dreams

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