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Example Memos


A memo can be as simple as one paragraph to arrange a meeting or complex enough to need several pages with subheadings. Whether simple or complex, all memos use the same basic format.

Example 1


To: My Employee

From: Your Boss

Date: May 5, 2009

Subject: County Government Web Design

Our bid to build a new Website for the Ballard County government has been approved. Your contact with them will be Susan Barnes. She would like to meet with you next week. You will need to call her to set up a day and time. Her phone number is 999-555-1234 ext 321.

Example 2


To: My Employee

From: Your Boss

Date: May 5, 2009

Subject: County Government Web Design

I have met with Susan Barnes from the Ballard County Planning Commission regarding the new website design. She gave me a list of departments and employees that will need to be featured. I left her with our pre-design package. She will look over the various features we offer, discuss them with the other committee members, and contact me by June 15th with their choices.

Basic Design Factors:

The county logo currently in use should be incorporated into a banner that will be featured at the top of every page.

Links to state agencies and services

A separate section for schools that will link to a secure service for student records.

A database for county maps of various types.

A secure login area for employees only that will connect to a data base of employee records.

Team Assignments:

I have assigned Jeff Cordova to be our liaison person for the project. Bryson’s team will be responsible for the design phase. Martin’s team will set up the necessary databases and Johnston will handle the testing and implementation. Johnston’s team is currently working on the Tabor Auto website project, but he assures me it will be finished by the end of July and they will be free in plenty of time.


There will be several deadlines to be met. I am enclosing the bid parameters along with information of the projected cost and timeline.

Enc: (3)




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