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Where Do Falcons Live?

Falcons are powerful birds found living all over the world. In the United States, peregrine falcons are the most common species. While these birds were near extinction in the [Read More...]

What Do Falcons Eat?

Falcons are any of the 37 species of carnivorous raptors that eat mainly a warm-blooded diet. Though smaller versions of the falcon will eat bugs, lizards and other tiny [Read More...]

Do Falcons Migrate?

Answer: Falcons DO migrate. Falcons are majestic birds that live in all areas of the world except Antarctica. These birds are strong fliers and are easily distinguished from [Read More...]

Are Falcons Hawks?

ANSWER: Falcons are NOT hawks. More Info: While both are raptors, falcons and hawks are two very different animals. In traditional taxonomy, most species of both fall under [Read More...]

Are Falcons Endangered?

Answer: One species of falcon is endangered. More Info: The northern aplomado falcon is the only falcon of the United States that is currently listed as an endangered species [Read More...]

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