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Haircuts for Fat Faces

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How to Select a Trimming Hairstyle

While searching for the right hairstyle, it’s a good idea to consider not only your facial shape, but also the basic shape of your body. Overweight bodies all have unique shapes, which adds to hairstylists dilemma. Still, the stylist’s goals are to make the face appear longer by getting attention away from the size of the face, the width of the forehead and by adding height to the crown. Here are some examples.

Layered Shag Look

A layer haircut with a medium length, makes the face appear longer. Light layers that frame the face look more feminine, especially when the layers are slightly tousled. The width of the face seems more narrow when the bangs are swept to one side. Shags that touch the shoulders diminish the appearance of a double chin or fullness in the neck or jaw. For everyday, add a little tousling.

Pixie for Wavy And Curly Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, a pixie haircut will add height to the crown and provide a slimming look to the face. This is one of the most effective styles to bring out the beauty of the eyes and cheekbones by framing the upper face area. This is especially important for overweight women. Bangs angled to one side, should expose a little of the forehead to convey a longer look. It’s finished off by sliding the fingers through the crown for soft fluff.

Longer Styles

Longer styles are suggested by the majority of hairstylists, because you can style it in more ways than short hairstyle. By simply gathering some hair to the side with a hairpin, you can instantly make your face look slimmer.

Do’s and Don’ts

To avoid haircuts for fat faces that accentuate their size, don’t choose straight hair, especially if it’s thin. Both straight and thin, bring out the rounded shape. Do use hair extensions since they add volume to thin hair and provide a longer facial appearance.


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