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Haircuts for Long Faces

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The best haircuts for long faces will be wide and deep. Ideally people with long faces should choose hairstyles that include layers, rather than choosing a single layer look. If a person with a long face is dead set on one length, it is best that the cut not go more than one inch below the chin. Bangs are also a feature that can accentuate the good features of a long face.

Wide Cut

People with long faces benefit from a wide cut. A wider style is a benefit for long faces because any other style will make the face seem even longer. A way to achieve the right look with the best haircuts for long faces is to choose either face framing layers or a v-shape cut. One can also use curls or waves to add a wider look to a haircut.


Although layers help people with long faces achieve a stylish look, there are some caveats. It is important that the layers not be cut too short. Longer layers, particularly layers that frame the face are best. Using face-framing layers add depth in the front of the face. It also softens the shape in back of a long face. Layers also enhance the nose and chin, as well as the collar bone.

Some Styles That Enhance the Best Haircuts for Long Faces

A way to enhance haircuts is to use brow-level bangs. The bangs should cover the forehead. Using these bangs will give the illusion that a person has a more oval face. To be sure that this illusion is accomplished, it is a good idea to ask the stylist to add longer layers on the side of the face. A strong look for people with long faces is chin-length bobs. To perfect this look it would be helpful to ask the stylist to cut the bob at a slight angle. The angle on a bob will add depth to the face. Fringes are also a stylish addition to any cut that is meant for people with long faces.

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