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Haircuts for Oval Face Shape

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While you are searching for the best haircuts for an oval face shape, it may help to know that practically all hairstyles look attractive on this shape. Yet, you should choose a hairstyle carefully, since you will have to live with it for a while. Your hair usually grows only ½ a month. Here are some of the best haircuts for an oval shape face, for various hair lengths.


For long hair, it works well to have it softly, drape downward and maintain natural waves or straightness. Side sweeping bangs work well when volume is added to the crown.


If medium hair is cut to frame the face to the chin and only touch the cheeks a little, it can bring attention to the eyes and cheekbones. For highlights, the bangs can be parted a little, with a few layers added. This is stylish on its own. Waving or curling aren’t needed.


A short layered cut with a small to mid-length, can fit oval and other facial shapes. A gentle flip at the ends with bangs cut asymmetrically, will provide a special appeal.

How To Tell If Your Face Is Oval

Many people pull their hair back and attempt to guess at their face shape.  For a more exact measurement, here’s a scientific method to figure out the shape of your face.

Scientific Method To Determine The Shape Of Your Face

– Take a measuring tape and place it over the top part of the cheekbones to measure the width of your face. Record this number on paper.

– Next, measure the jaw line by starting at one side across to the other. Record this as well.

– Then to measure the forehead, put the tape across the forehead’s widest area. This should be halfway between the edge of the hairline and the top of the eyebrows. Write this number down.

– Finally, place the measuring tape at the bottom of the chin and extend it up to the edge of the hairline.

An oval face typically has a length that’s equal to 1 ½ of its width. It will appear a little more narrow along the jaw, than the temple areas and will have a slightly curved hairline.

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