The Grinberg Method for Holistic Scar Treatment

Author: Richard Horgan
The new age phenomenon of holistic scar treatment - which now bears many different strains and practitioners - began authentically in the 1970s at the behest of Avi Grinberg. The former Israel paramedic wrote a book entitled Holistic Reflexology, in which he basically expounded on the powers of guided self-healing. The method has been adopted by various practitioners, most notably in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

The Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method begins with an in-depth reading of a patient's feet. Skeptics have been astonished by how quickly this upside-down equivalent of a palm reading can lead to an accurate historical diagnosis of their pains and ailments, one which also underpins the subsequent holistic treatments than can encompass everything from breathing to stretching.

Miracle-like Results

But it is the miracle-like results that have powered the Grinberg Method. In one case, a woman who had a brain tumor scar on her forehead was able to get rid of it, years after the original surgery. In another case, a patient who had inherited a sizable scar on their back from lung surgery was able to reduce it to a next-to-nothing trace. Similar results have been recorded for burn victims and patients suffering from psoriasis.

New Age Holistic Methods

As with many new age holistic methods, scar tissue curing comes down largely to the power of self-belief and that patient's applied mind powers. Grinberg for example likes to think of himself more as a coach than health services provider. Training to become a Grinberg Method licensed practitioner is rigorously conducted over a three-year period. The practice is described as a method that "uses touch, breath, movement, physical exercises, description tools and techniques to increase one's ability to pay attention." In the simplest of terms, holistic medicine is based on the idea of a patient curing themselves rather than the more traditional, conventional medical model of going to a doctor to be cured by that professional.


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