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Home Business Marketing


Home business marketing helps to establish credibility to the estimated 6.6 million home-based enterprises that provide at least fifty percent of their owners’ total household income. With no storefront, creative methods must be employed to market the business and remain competitive. There are several inexpensive and effective methods to market the home based business.

Talk about Yourself

Talk to anyone and everyone, as often as you can. Strike up conversations with strangers during social events, find out what they do and when they ask what you do have your concise marketing message ready. You should be ready to quickly communicate the benefit your company provides and offer some interesting fact about your industry or pose a question to the individual to continue the conversation. You can find social events through the chamber of commerce, local small business association office or other business support organizations.


Partnering is one of the easiest marketing strategies that you can employ. Small business owners should point out their ability to forgo much of the legal and creative red tape of national brands in establishing partnerships, use the ability to execute quickly to your advantage. Marketing alliances not only offer stronger value to the client, they create joint distribution opportunities and allow you to extend and expand your customer base. Your company will find itself in a new channel and as a result able to generate increasing sales.

Use Grassroots Methods

Find new and creative ways to market your business through e-mail newsletters (e-blasts) or by committing to speaking opportunities or volunteering to teach a class. Marketing your home-based business doesn’t have to require heavy spending on newspaper ads, Yellow Pages listings, or TV or radio spots. Grassroots marketing costs far less and can be more effective. Chambers of commerce and community groups can provide a forum if you’re willing to share your expertise at minimum charge.

Work With the Media

Getting a little coverage about your business can be easy if you follow a simple guideline. Keep your press release newsworthy. This includes items such as an announcement of the opening of your business, a grand reopening, new staff, or receiving an award. Eco-friendly topics make great stories. For example, if you own a janitorial service, send out a press release that you have recently switched to all natural cleaning products.

Use Social Networking

Social networks are great tools. The most common are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These social networks create connections between large amounts of people. Status updates and Twitter “tweets” can quickly and easily reach a large volume of people. Ideas include tweeting coupons and discounts for mentioning the tweet, placing status updates on Facebook about local events you’re speaking at, tweeting about new products and services and co-marketing opportunities.

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