Home Remedies for Whiteflies

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Home remedies for whiteflies could help you to eliminate the pests before you resort to costly or dangerous chemicals. Several options are available at little cost with items in your home.

Making Traps

Yellow sticky traps are a common way of eliminating the pests because the flies are drawn to the color yellow. Hanging a strip of yellow tape or placing a piece of clear tape sticky side up or using a spray adhesive that will remain tacky on a yellow surface will also draw the whiteflies in and keep them there. [Cranshaw, ext.colostate.edu]

Vacuum the Problem Away

It is possible to use a less traditional home tactic to get rid of whiteflies on hardier plants. Using a vacuum with a nozzle or a hand vacuum, suck up the pests early in the morning when they are the least active.  Once complete, empty the vacuum bag into a seal-tight plastic bag and place in the freezer overnight, which will kill the bugs. ["How to Manage Pests: Whiteflies", ipm.ucdavis.edu ]

USDA Recommended

The USDA also recommends a spray that can be made with items you can find in your home that will successfully kill the whiteflies but not your plants. To make this spray, use two tablespoons of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, and one gallon of water.  Spray the plants late in the day as excess heat may cause the solution to be toxic to plants. ["Integrated Pest Management", seiminolecountyfl.gov]

Careful Use

Any time that you spray the plant, be certain to cover the undersides of its leaves, which is where the whiteflies spend most of their life cycles. Hitting only the top of the leaf won't eliminate the source of the problem.


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