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Home Remedy for Rosacea

Home Remedy for Rosacea

Standard Treatment Effort

The National Rosacea Society announced not long ago that a study has found promising results that may lead to a cure for ocular rosacea; the cure for the syndrome has not yet been discovered. Until it is found, rosacea suffers know the standard steps to reduce or avoid episodes.

  • Guard the affected area from UV rays-whether from the sun or certain artificial light sources and tanning beds
  • Non-carbonated beverages
  • Caffeine-free beverages
  • Abstain from or severely limit alcohol intake
  • Limit or eliminate chocolate or citrus fruits
  • Reduce stress, both physical (including hard exercise) and emotional

Non-Standard Treatment Effort

Beyond the standard treatment options, patients are reporting limited to great success in controlling the condition by natural remedies or non-standard therapies. Since each person has individual triggers that may not affect some else, there is no guarantee that standard or these or other non-standard treatments will work.

Green tea cream: Regular applications of the lotion revealed a significant reduction in bumps and pustules.

Niacinamide cream: A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide (not niacine) appears to strength the skin’s natural barrier, moisten, and reduce inflammation.

Chrysanthellum indicum cream: Containing an extract of the herb, the cream is believed to strengthen capillaries and may reduce their spider-web appearance.

B vitamins: When taking B vitamins, avoid B12, niacin; B12 has the opposite effect that rosacea sufferers are seeking.

Apple cider vinegar: Taken orally, it is believed to stimulate digestive enzymes and help balance helpful and harmful enzymes in the intestine. (Consult a health care professional prior to attempting an apple cider vinegar therapy.)

Additional Options

To ease skin irritation, dryness, and help heal minor breaks in the skin, people with rosacea often find that use of a gentle aloe ointment grants almost immediate relief. With regular use, some rosacea sufferers are able to contain outbreaks to minor levels.

Zinc supplements taken by some rosacea sufferers report that the mineral helps limit the duration of episodes. Be aware, however, that any zinc supplement should also always be taken with copper supplements, as well, to avoid a zinc-induced copper deficiency.

Other natural remedies might include burdock, chamomile, red clover, rose hips, and selenium.
Consult a physician prior to attempting any non-traditional therapy.



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