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How Do Acne Scar Removing Creams Work?

How Do Acne Scar Removing Creams Work?


A large variety of acne scar removal creams, both over the counter and prescription, are available on the market. They provide a good option to explore before deciding to undergo surgical treatments.

How Do Acne Scar Removal Creams Work?

Scar removal creams work to lessen the appearance of scars and make them less noticeable. They contain a combination of natural and artificial ingredients that are designed to do things like reduce redness, swelling and itchiness and lighten the skin. Some creams contain abrasive elements, like alpha hydroxyl, that work much like microdermabrasion. These creams exfoliate the skin and wear down the upper layers of the scar to make it even with the surrounding tissue. Others can be applied thickly to fill in pitted or deep acne scars.

How Effective are Acne Scar Removal Creams?

There have been few official, professional studies on the effectiveness of acne scar removal creams. Most of the evidence is anecdotal or based on personal testimonials. Most medical professionals agree that scar creams only reduce the visible appearance of scars; they do not erase scars and most creams do not offer a significant end result.
What effectiveness there is, is based on a combination of factors such as severity and depth of the scarring, size and location on the skin. Generally, creams will work better on light to moderate and shallow acne scars. Improvement can begin to show in about two-three weeks for very light scars. Deeper scars may take many months to show a noticeable difference if any. Follow the instructions on the packaging or those from your doctor for the best results.

What to Expect When Using Acne Scar Removal Creams

Research the various products available before you buy. There are plenty of online review sites that can help you weigh the pros and cons of each brand. Some people with sensitive skin may experience side effects such as itchiness, redness or irritation when using topical creams.

Most importantly, be realistic in your expectations. Healing scars takes time; don’t expect to put on cream before bed and wake up scar free. Depending on your individual acne scarring, your results may vary. You may have to experiment with a few types of creams before finding the one that works best for you. If the products available over the counter are ineffective, consult your doctor about prescription creams and other treatment options





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