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How Do Toads Reproduce?


Toads are similar to frogs but there are a few major differences. While frogs hop to move from place-to-place, toads actually walk. Toads are also darker in color than frogs and reproduce differently.


Toads typically mate during periods of rainy weather, especially those living in warm climates. Toads in colder areas may wait until spring to mate, when the weather turns warmer and rain is frequent.


Toad eggs are encased in a jelly-filled string and are laid in water. Once these eggs are laid, the parent’s work is done, as toads do not receive any further parental care. These eggs hatch within 3 to 12 days and tadpoles emerge. The young toad tadpoles are often seen in schools and are usually black in color. Toad tadpoles are not appetizing to predators and have an unpleasant taste to their enemies. These tiny tadpoles undergo a transformation known as metamorphosis, which takes between 50 and 60 days. After this time, these water-borne tadpoles are mature toads that can live on both land and in the water.


Most species of toads are not harmful but there are some that are poisonous. The Bufo toad is primarily found in humid climates such as Hawaii and Florida. These toads are poisonous and can cause serious poisoning symptoms if ingested by dogs or handled by humans.



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