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How Do You Remove Red Lipstick Out of Carpet?


You can remove red lipstick out of carpet with an oil-based spot remover, dish washing liquid and white vinegar. You can use a clean white cloth to blot the stain.

Here’s how:

Remove stain as soon as possible. Leaving a red lipstick stain on the carpet may allow the stain to set and make it harder to clean up.

Scrape up any excess red lipstick with a butter knife and vacuum the debris away.

Apply an oil-based spot remover to the red lipstick stain and blot carefully with the cloth until the spot remover has been completely absorbed. The lipstick should no longer rub off on the cloth.

Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of dish washing liquid and two cups of water.

Blot the solution onto the stain with the white cloth; repeat this process until the red lipstick stain is gone from the carpet.

Apply cold water with a sponge and blot with a clean cloth until the carpet is dry.

Rinse the carpet repeatedly until you have removed all residue from the spot remover, dish washing liquid or vinegar; these things can leave a stain on the carpet, too.



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