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How Does a Brazilian Wax Work?


“What is a Brazilian wax?” used to be frequently asked during swimsuit wearing seasons. Now it’s commonly asked in fashionable spas and salons all year round.

Brazilian Wax Definition

A Brazilian wax is similar to a bikini or Hollywood wax, only it removes more hair. A Brazilian wax removes almost all pubic hair, including along the labia. For males, it includes the testicles and shaft of the penis, unless the esthetician is too uncomfortable.


Throughout history, various societies have utilized genital hair removal for personal hygiene and religious purposes. However, in North and South America, genital hair removal is mostly done for cosmetic and sexual purposes.

Brazilian waxes were introduced to western cultures in the late 1990s in response to women desiring to wear the bikini and thong style swimsuits popular in Brazil. Celebrities, television shows, and movies helped to increase the popularity of Brazilian waxes in the United States.

The Process

A Brazilian wax basically consists of five steps, depending on the esthetician and the location where it’s given. Although a Brazilian wax may be done at home, with the help of a friend, it’s best to get it done by a professional.


(1.)   Normally, the client removes his or her clothing from the waist down. A small towel or paper underwear may be provided upon request.

(2.)   The esthetician will then check to ensure the hair is between ¼ inch and ½ inch long.

(3.)   Next, either talc, baby powder, or a thin coat of oil is applied, especially in areas with thin skin.

(4.)   The wax: Next, one of three common waxes is applied with an applicator similar to a tongue depressor. Then a white strip of something resembling thick paper is rubbed onto the wax. The esthetician will quickly rip the strip off while holding the skin above that area. Then firm pressure will be applied to the area for a few seconds to reduce the discomfort. This step is repeated several times, usually starting at the front and moving towards the buttocks.

(5.)   Finale: Oil is applied to remove any remaining wax. Some estheticians may use a magnifier with a light to look for any stray hairs, which she’ll remove with tweezers.



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