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How Does Attraction Marketing Work?


Attraction marketing is a promotional technique where a person becomes an absolute expert on a specific subject and markets himself/herself via the Internet through various outlets.

This form of marketing is the love child of Reverse Marketing and Relationship Marketing. Relationship Marketing is aimed at developing and creating long-term relationships with customers through keeping track of their personal profiles, buying patterns, etc.

Reverse Marketing

In Reverse Marketing, the supplier keeps track of their buyers and the demographic therein and modifies their product according to what the buyer wants. In this relationship, the buyer is the one who seeks out the supplier, which not only saves the supplier enormous amounts of money in advertising but also intimately includes the buyer in research development as well as the final selling process.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the Internet marketer’s way of pushing together both of these forms of marketing. Through using social media technology like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites, as well as web 2.0 sites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video marketing (YouTube, et al), forums, link building, and a million other online marketing options, advertisers and entrepreneurs have created the next generation of marketing.

Through these outlets, suppliers, the self-proclaimed experts, are able to keep track of who is interested in their product (their expertise), and also advertise more effectively through using YouTube, banners, forums, blogs, etc. Without the Internet and the development of social and interactive technology, Attraction Marketing would only be possible if a person literally stalked everyone on Earth and travelled around the world selling the singular portion of human knowledge in which they specialized. As it stands, Attraction Marketing has the potential to be a thoroughly lucrative method through which to market the brand of You.



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