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How Does Diamond Grading Work?


The cost of a diamond is based on four qualities-clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. While many people are of the opinion that the most important factor in grading a diamond is clarity, cut and color actually have a far greater affect on a diamond’s visual appearance. In fact, a diamond’s cut ensures that it has maximum sparkle and brilliance.

Color Grading

Not everyone is aware that diamonds come in a wide range of colors. The color of the famous Hope diamond is described as a “beautiful violet”. However, colored diamonds are both precious and very rare, and when you shop for a diamond, those readily available are generally yellow or white, with white being the preferred color. Nitrogen is the cause of yellow color in a diamond, causing it to appear less sparkly and sharp. Alternatively, a white gemstone admits more light, which adds to its brilliance.

Some individuals are somewhat sensitive to a diamond’s color, and a gem that may seem to be slightly yellow to one may appear to be perfectly clear to someone else. In this case, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

A Trusted Source

From across the globe, people have their diamonds graded and analyzed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Their reports and services are characterized by objectivity and independence, and diamonds are evaluated on an anonymous basis. When they reach the laboratory, each diamond is placed in a transparent, custom-designed storage case. It is then given a bar-coded label and a special identification number to track the diamond through the complete process. In addition, all client data is hidden inside the software used by diamond grader to record the assessments they make. The GIA also has their clients assist them in the grading process by submitting diamonds in parcels devoid of any information that would identify them or makes any reference to the grading process.



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