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How Does Digital Marketing Work?


Digital marketing leverages the platforms of the Internet, e-mail, mobile and wireless devices, digital TV and even stored databases to accomplish two main objectives: amassing a record of customer information and behaviors, and delivering ads and services catered to specific individual consumer data.

Viral Videos

One of the cleverest new forms of digital marketing is the use of viral videos. Companies place a short comical video on YouTube, for example, which is watched, passed around and talked about. Although the video is a glorified commercial, it is interacted with and appreciated by potential customers more as a form of entertainment than a pitch for commerce. The science of leveraging viral videos for digital marketing purposes is in its infancy, but one recent four-minute zombie themed campaign for Hell Pizza in New Zealand has attracted millions of views on YouTube.

Online Gaming Hubs

Since the video game industry has grown to become larger than the Hollywood movie industry, a great number of digital marketing campaigns center around online gaming hubs or fan sites for specific titles or platforms. In the case of a game such as Uncharted 2, users can tweet their progress while playing on the XBox console, thus doing some additional digital marketing for the manufacturer, for free. This is just one example of how social networking can be leveraged to raise organic advertising to previously unimagined levels.

Mobile Device Digital Marketing

Google’s recent $750 million purchase of mobile ad network AdMob will help fuel the steady year-to-year growth of mobile device digital marketing. By the summer of 2010, there were more than 57 million iPhone units in circulation worldwide, constituting the fastest product adoption in the history of technology thus far. Given the brand loyalty, income strata levels and sophistication of the Apple products crowd, there is no limit to what can be achieved in coming years.


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