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How Far Apart to Plant Asparagus


Plant asparagus crowns 18” apart in rows that are 18-36” apart.


Direct Seeding Spacing

For direct seed spacing, you need to dig furrows that are six inches deep and a foot wide.  The spacing will depend on cultivation methods. Eighteen to thirty six inches apart is usually adequate.  Create small mounds of soil every three inches. Plant one seed per mound.  Once the seedlings are six inches high, thin them to eighteen inches apart.

Crown Spacing

Because direct seeding takes years of patience before you say any return in terms of harvesting, many home gardeners prefer to order crowns that are one to two years old.  This method allows for years of earlier harvesting.  When planting crowns, dig a furrow six inches deep and a foot wide.  Creates mounds of soil within the trench every eighteen inches. Plant one crown per mound.

Transplant Spacing

Transplant spacing is the same as crown spacing.



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