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How Long After Conception Do You Feel Symptoms?

How Long After Conception Do You Feel Symptoms?


It is possible to begin feeling symptoms as early as two weeks after conception.

More Info: The symptoms of pregnancy differ between women but some of the more common are nausea, painful breasts, frequent urination, and fatigue.

Nausea, often referred to as morning sickness in pregnancy, is brought on by a variety of factors including the increased hormone blood levels and the heightened smell sense. Often pregnant women will find an odor offensive that hadn’t bothered them previously.

As early as two weeks after conception, the breasts begin to change to prepare for milk production.  It is these changes that cause them to grow swollen, often tender, and sometimes painful.

In early pregnancy the body gains a lot of water weight which brings along with it, frequent urination.  At this stage, the uterus is growing and pushing on your bladder as well.

High hormone levels as well as the body’s need to work toward creating the baby’s placenta lead to fatigue in the early stages of pregnancy.



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