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How Long Do Beets Last?


Fresh Beets

The quality of freshly picked beets degrades quickly.  They should be used within a few days for optimal freshness and taste.  If it can’t be used immediately, store it.

Beets in the Refrigerator

If beets are stored properly in the refrigerator, they can last up to two weeks.

To store it in the refrigerator, remove the tops leaving one inch.  Store in the refrigerator crisper at 38-40°F.  They should be fully dried prior to storage to discourage mold growth and spoilage.

Beets in Storage

If you have optimal long-term storage conditions such as a root cellar or cold, humid cellar,(32°F; RH 90-95%) beets will keep for two to four months. The will last longer if stored in vermiculite or wet sand.

Beets in the Freezer

If beets are frozen properly, it can last up to six to eight months.

To store in the freezer, thoroughly wash the beets and trim the ends.  Cook them until tender and immediately immerse them in cold water. Prepare for storage by slicing or dicing.  Allow to fully dry then place them in a perforated storage bag and freeze.

Home Canned Beets

Canned beets should be stored in a cool, dark, dry area.  In hot conditions or exposed to light, the beets will degrade much more quickly and are prone to spoilage.  Because there are so many factors involved in home canning beets, they should be used within six months.  Make sure you know the signs of spoilage prior to consuming any home canned product.



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