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How Long Does Gout Last?



A gout attack can last from three days to three weeks. However, most gout attacks last fewer than 10 days.

More Info: Gout attacks generally recur and plague the majority of sufferers on a yearly or bi-yearly basis unless effective treatment or long-term therapy curtails the arthritis.

Men generally have gout attacks that last longer than women. Many believe the higher amounts of estrogen in women help buffer gout attacks. Menopausal women with lower levels of estrogen can have gout attacks that last longer than men and with greater frequency.

Dietary differences are also blamed for gout attacks that last longer in men than women. Men are presumed to have higher consumption of alcohol and meat, both of which increase the risk and duration of gout attacks.

Obese people suffer gout attacks that last longer and occur more frequently than those who maintain a healthy body weight. Losing 10 to 20 pounds can decrease how long a gout attack lasts and reduce severity.

You can try to control how long your gout attack lasts and shorten the period of suffering to three days or less.

How? Popular anti-gout drug treatments like Colchicine, Zyloprim and Benomid have proven effective for some.

Alternative treatments using coffee, cherries, and vitamin C cam also reduce the time that gout attacks last.

Others reduce how long their gout attacks last by taking coral calcium powder to dissolve uric acid, the cause of gout attacks.




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