How Long Does It Take for a Hypertrophic Scar to Fade?

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It can take months for a hypertrophic scar to heal.  

More Info: With the proper treatment it can take two to three months to start to heal, sometimes longer, depending on the severity of the scar.

What Is a Hypertrophic Scar 

A hypertrophic scar is a wound that has had tension, which has caused it to build up a skin thickness. Normal scars become white or somewhat transparent when healed. Hypertrophic scars, however, are raised and have a reddish, pinkish color. Similar to hypertrophic scars, are keloid scars. Keloids are scars that spontaneously developed into smooth, hard growths. These growths can become larger than the wound itself and are uncomfortable and itchy. They can develop either soon after the wound occurd or even months later. They can be caused by little things such as pimples or insect bites and are more prone to darker colored people.

Treating Hypertrophic Scars

Treatment for hypertrophic scars can be very time consuming. The scar must be dressed for twelve to twenty four hours a day until it is healed. If not dressed, healing will take longer. Moisturizing oils, silicone gel, pressure dressings, and silicone scar reduction patches are all ways to treat the scar. Keloids, however, usually reject treatment and can only be removed surgically or with x-ray treatment.


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