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How Long Does It Take for a Raised Scar to Fade?


Answer: It can take as many as two years for a raised scar to fade. In many cases, these types of scars never completely disappear without the assistance of medical treatment or surgery.

More Info: There are several reasons why raised scars are so challenging to deal with. First, there is probably residual swelling around the area of injury. In addition, it can take as many as two years for the scar to heal completely and for the physical appearance to stabilize. In this time, more scar tissue can be deposited, making it likely that your scar will grow or change in appearance. Dealing with the scar isn’t recommended until after this process is complete.

If a raised scar is small, then it is possible that the outward appearance will fade almost completely, given enough time. Using over-the-counter products can help. However, for large raised scars, expect to see evidence of the injury permanently. The only way to eliminate the issue is to seek the help of a qualified dermatologist. Lasers are considered the most effective way to fade a raised scar. Some success may also be found using a topical ointment that will slowly slough off the outer layers of skin. Finally, severe scarring can be treated using plastic surgery techniques. This may cause new scarring, but expert doctors are trained to minimize the long-term effects and camouflage the new scarring in a less intrusive way.

As redness decreases and the area stabilizes, all scars should eventually improve in appearance, given enough time. However, it may not be possible to fade a raised scar permanently without medical intervention.



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