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How Long Does Microdermabrasion Last?



The answer to this question is a bit complicated because both the individual’s age and concerns should be considered when planning a patient’s microdermabrasion schedule. This usually entails a series of six to ten sessions, spaced two weeks apart. Also, to obtain the best results, younger patients are sometimes advised to book a few treatments in a row, and older patients are usually treated every two or three weeks.

If you consider having microdermabrasion, a procedure that helps repair the damage done to facial skin by the effects of aging and the sun, your dermatologist will explain that one treatment will probably not be enough to lessen or remove your unwanted pigmentation and fine wrinkles. In the process, your plastic surgeon will use a device that remotely resembles a sandblaster, spray minute crystals on your face, and combine gentle abrasion and suction to remove the skin’s outer layer.

What the Technique Involves

Microdermabrasion is thought to be the most effective form of skin resurfacing, and no recuperation time is needed. (Typically, patients will schedule several treatments to obtain the results they want.) The various skin problems treated with microdermabrasion also include removing black heads and smoothing acne scars. With this procedure, the patient’s skin becomes smoother, and more even in regard to texture and color, and it often acquires a healthy glow as well.

Generally speaking, microdermabrasion treatments are administered in the doctor’s office, and no anesthesia is required. In addition, the fine crystal spray that is used may be made from a variety of materials-such as sodium bicarbonate, aluminum oxide, salt, or diamond tips.

Another Option

A second technology is also available that does not involve using crystals. Instead, a vacuum-type device is used to remove dead skin. This process improves the skin’s texture and appearance, and it also enhances the patient’s lymph flow and circulation.

Regardless of the method you choose, after your treatment, your face may appear to be slightly red for about an hour. If noticeable redness lasts longer than that, you should contact your dermatologist at once. Remember also that you will have to establish a daily skin-care regimen, along with your series of treatments, in order to realize the benefits of microdermabrasion.



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