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How Much Does a Bushel of Corn Weigh?


A bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds shelled.

More info: The weight of a bushel of corn depends on whether or not it is shelled or in ear.  The weight of bushel of shelled corn is 56 pounds. The weight of a bushel of corn that is not shelled is 70 pounds.


Corn Weighs more than Many other Vegetables

Did you know that by weight corn is one of the heaviest vegetables?  Corn in the shell is more than two times the weight of a bushel of eggplant (33 pounds).  A bushel of corn weighs more than a bushel of apples (48 pounds), onions (57 pounds), and peaches (50 pounds).

Fun Corn Facts

An acre, 4,840 square yards, yields an average of 187 bushels of corn.

On average, an ear of corn contains 800 kernels.

Iowa produces the most corn of any state.  In 2007, Iowa produced 2.5 billion bushels of corn across 13.9 million acres.



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