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How Much Does a Tattoo Hurt?


As the trend of tattoo grows, more and more people are entertaining the idea of getting a tattoo. One of the first questions people always ask is how much does a tattoo hurt?

Pain Threshold

There really is not one simple answer as to how much a tattoo hurts. There are a lot of variables that go into the question. For one thing, everyone has a different pain threshold. What may be painful for one person, may not be painful to another person; some people can handle pain and some can’t. It all adds up to your psychological attitude when coming into getting a tattoo. If you come into the shop being scared and worried about the pain, chances are, the pain will be there. If you come into the shop feeling confident in yourself that you can handle it, you will most likely do just that, handle it.

Where the Tattoo Is Located

There are some other factors that go into the pain of getting a tattoo. The placement of the tattoo can make a big difference. If you are getting the tattoo somewhere on your body that is close to the bone without a lot of fat content, such as the ankle or the collar bone, the tattoo process will most likely hurt more than if you got it on your leg or arm where there is more tissue.

Artist’s Touch

The artist also plays a part in the amount of pain that you have. Some artists have a heavy hand to where they tend to push a little bit harder into your skin, causing more pain. Other artists have a lighter touch, which of course can mean less pressure and pain.

Luckily, you body will be quick to react and will not waste any time releasing endorphins which will dull the pain. The first few swipes of the tattoo needles will hurt the most until your body adjusts.

One thing that will help is to keep your mind off of the pain by having a friend there with you to talk to, or listen to music. If the pain becomes too much for you to bear, don’t be afraid to ask the artist for a break. They will be more than happy to give you a chance to get up and walk around for a few minutes to relax your mind and ready yourself to finish the process.

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