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How Much Energy Does a Washing Machine Use?



On average, a washing machine uses 563 kWh of energy.

Purchasing an Energy Star® qualified washing machine will save on both electricity and water.

Based on a unit that uses electric water heating, a conventional washing machine consumes 787 kWh of electricity annually; while an Energy Star® qualified appliance uses 30% less at 563 kWh. Water usage is an even more substantial savings with a conventional washing machine consuming 12, 179 gallons per year while an Energy Star® qualified appliance uses 5,637-a savings of more than 50%.

Choosing the Right Size Washer Saves You Money

Choosing a washer that most suits your load size needs saves you money. Consistently running a washer that is too large wastes energy and water if not filled. Choosing a washer that is too small requires more loads to get the task accomplished.

How Are Energy Star Labels Earned?

The Energy Star® label is designed to allow consumers to quickly identify energy efficient appliance models. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for setting the standards for earning the label using criteria that include:

The appliance must contribute significantly to energy savings while still offering expected performance and features. Energy efficiency is achieved through technology that is offered by more than one manufacturer and can be measured with testing. If the appliance is more expensive due to the energy efficiency, the consumer should be able to recoup the investment within a short period.



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