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How Much Water to Drink a Day


Drinking fluids with every meal and when thirst hits is generally sufficient to remain hydrated and healthy. When looking for exact fluid ounce recommendations on how much water to drink day, other factors need to be considered such as personal metabolic rate, weather conditions, size, weight, and activity level.

Drink Eight-Eight Ounce Glasses Per Day

Six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water generally meet most people’s individual daily requirements.  On an average day, most people urinate 6.3 cups of fluid and an additional 1 liter of fluids is lost through sweating and other normal bodily functions.  Additional water intake would be required if you are sweating more than usual due to heat or physical activity.

Because an individual’s replacement intake requirements vary so greatly, it is especially important for those that are athletic to become acquainted with personal intake needs by paying close attention to how much you sweat how much liquid you are consuming and your body’s reaction to the beginning stages of dehydration.

Ideas to Increase Fluid Intake

When we get busy, drinking water is not usually the first thing we think about unless our bodies grow thirsty enough to grow uncomfortable.  You should be drinking enough to stave off thirst before your body has to remind you.

Remember Me?  Have water readily accessible and at the forefront of your mind by filling a large pitcher and keeping it in refrigerator.  Carrying a water bottle with you during the day is also a great reminder and will encourage more frequent drinking.

Sweeten It Up.  Make water more visually appealing by giving it the bistro treatment.  Adding lots of ice cubes and a tart lemon wedge to your glass transforms the bland obligation into an afternoon treat.  Make fruity ice cubes by filling an ice cube tray with water then adding a blueberry to each cube compartment.  When frozen you have a fun and visually appealing addition to any glass of water.

Make Water Intake Part of the Workout.  Always hydrate during and following physical activity.  Scheduling water breaks directly into the workout routine will ensure that your body does not become dehydrated before you decide to take a break.  You may just find that you increase your endurance by remaining hydrated, as dehydration can tend to make you tired.

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