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How to Apply Eyeliner on the Bottom


Eyeliner can create a stunning visual effect on the eyes helping to make eyes appear larger, closer together, farther apart, or fix any other minor imperfections.

Bottom Eyeliner Rules

Color: When choosing a color for your bottom eyelash line, choose a color that is in the same family but lighter than the color on the top lid.

Thickness: In general, the thickness of the eyeliner on the bottom should not be too dramatic, as it could tend to make you look tired with dark circles.

Beginning Point: Never outline the bottom lid from one corner to the other.  Instead start about one-quarter of the way from the inner corner of your eye and follow the lash-line all the way to the outer corner.

Bottom Eyeliner Tips

If you are new to putting on eyeliner, or have a shaky hand, put your eyeliner on while sitting down with your elbow resting on the counter or table.  This will help to steady your hand.

Using Eyeliner to Change the Appearance of Your Eyes

You can magically create the illusion of perfect facial proportions with makeup.  Here are a few tricks for the eyes using eyeliner.

Close-set eyes: If you feel that your eyes are too close together, only use eyeliner on the outer corners of your top and bottom lid. Smudge inwardly to soften the edges.

Wide-set eyes: To make your eyes appear closer concentrate your eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes and smudge from dark to light.



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