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How to Apply Eyeliner to the Top Lid


Learning how to apply eyeliner to the top lid can not only give shape and definition to the eyes, it can help to correct perceived imperfections such as wideset eyes and deep-set eyes. Here are a few tips to help you look your best.

Basic Application Steps


Before applying any eyeliner be sure to first dust your eyelids with a sheer powder, this will help your eyeliner last longer throughout the day, or evening.

To keep your hand steady rest your arm on a hard surface to give it more leverage and lessen the risk of accidents when applying the eyeliner.

If using pencil eyeliner always freshly sharpen the pencil before each use for greater precision and hygiene.

Direct Application Techniques

Work from the outside corner of the eye toward the inside.

Use light strokes rather than drawing a solid line.

Repeatedly build upon the line from the first pass until the desired thickness is achieved.

Polishing the Application

Use a brush to blend the eyeliner.

Brush toward the lash-line.

To soften the look you can add a line of eye shadow that is the same color as the eyeliner.

Tips for Best Results

  • The eyeliner color should gradually get lighter as you work toward the inside corner.
  • The thickness of the line should grow slightly thicker as you work toward the outside corner.
  • If you want your eyes to appear bigger never wear eyeliner on the inside of your lids.
  • Those that want to bring out deep-set eyes should use eyeliner sparingly if at all.
  • To give the illusion that close-set eyes are farther apart use white or beige eyeliner on the inside of the lower lid.
  • To help create thicker eyelashes use a liquid liner and dot between each lash.



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