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How to Apply Eyeliner


If you would like to know how to apply eyeliner flawlessly, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Here are eleven steps to help you apply eyeliner like a professional.

Choosing Eyeliner Colors

For everyday wear, all eye colors should use a neutral eyeliner shade such as black, brown, or taupe for shape and definition. Colored eyeliners are visually heavier and much more dramatic best saved for evening looks.

For the most cohesive results, choose eyeliner shades from the same color palette as your eye shadow, lipstick, and blush.

Eyeliner Techniques

Always keep your pencils sharpened for more control and accuracy. Sharpening your pencil before every application is also hygienic as it helps to ensure that it is fresh and clean from the last use.

A perfectly made up eye should be well blended. To avoid the look of a ‘drawn line’ across your lid, starting from the outside use soft strokes to apply the eyeliner then blend them together with an eye shadow brush.

Always start with a feathery stroked thin line then continue to slowly build upon it to achieve the desired thickness.

Achieving Different Looks

To help open the eyes the darkest application of eyeliner should be to the outside of the eye, gradually fading toward the nose.

For a dramatic smoky eye apply black eyeliner to the inside of both the upper and lower lid smudging into the eyelashes.

Smudge a very thin line of eyeliner close to the eyelash line to make your eyelashes look thicker while appearing to be wearing very little makeup.

Corrective Makeup

Those with deep-set eyes should use eyeliner sparingly or not at all. When trying to bring eyes out, adding thick lines around the eye, especially on the top lid will have the opposite effect.

To give the illusion that close-set eyes are farther apart add a white eyeliner to the inside lid near the bridge of the nose.

To make large eyes appear smaller-use dark colors on the eyelid, eye crease, and in your eyeliner choices.



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