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How to Become More Fertile?

How to Become More Fertile?

Becoming more fertile begins with preparing your body for the journey of being pregnant. Similar to a farmer preparing a field for planting crops, there are ways for you to optimize your chances for pregnancy.

Healthy Eating Habits

Preparation begins with giving your body the best nutrients. From eating more fruits and vegetables to adding healthy proteins and carbohydrates, creating health habits now assists you with the fertility process. Of course, drinking plenty of water and cutting back on sodas or alcoholic drinks will increase your chances of pregnancy. In addition, many physicians recommend that you begin taking pre-natal vitamins or multi-vitamins now if you plan on getting pregnant.

Exercising Regularly 

Similar to starting a diet, eating right is just half of the equation. You guessed it – adding exercise into your daily or weekly routine will increase your fertility rate. Regardless of your current weight, exercising and getting more active will not only make you feel better, but it also prepares you for the changes in your body once you are pregnant.

It’s a Process¬†

So, becoming more fertile is a process. If you think about the time and energy that a farmer invests into creating the right environment for his future harvest, you’ll understand that preparing your body for pregnancy takes the same investment. In the long run, having children in your home is a blessing, and well worth all the preparation before and after you become pregnant.



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