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How to Buy a Computer Monitor


The most logical initial criteria to use when browsing online for a new computer monitor is to search by screen size. Looking through the search results for categories such as 17 to 20 diagonal inches or 30 plus inches will quickly delineate what is available within a particular price range. In cases where the monitor needs to be of the same brand as a computer that has already been purchased, the official websites for manufacturers such as Sony and HP may make equal sense.

Keep up with Product Advancements

Because the technology for computer monitors is changing so quickly, it also pays to consult the latest news items about product advances. A MAC user may not even realize until they click into a news item or visit an Apple store that a new 27-inch LED cinema display monitor promised in July of 2010 has begun to ship in September, with the necessary software patches. This model was added to the product line-up for Apple desktop users searching for something that falls between 24 and 30 inches.

Consider Reviews

Since computer monitors are such a ubiquitous product, exhaustive product surveys done by reliable third party groups such as Consumer Reports are also easy to find online. According the organization’s June 2010 findings, an LG computer monitor in the $150 price range was the best option for the 19 and 20-inch categories. For those planning to do a lot of TV watching on their new computer monitor, two good choices in the 22 to 26 inch range are the ViewSonic and Hanns G brands.

Energy Considerations

In these environmentally sensitive times, another important factor for computer monitors is the amount of energy they consume. A U.S. government program affixes Energy Approval ratings to models that are on average 20% more energy efficient than regular models, and can easily be searched online to determine which brand names and models meet these stringent test standards.



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