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How to Clean a Bamboo Wood Floor

How to Clean a Bamboo Wood Floor

There are several ways to maintain and clean a bamboo wood floor. Purchase a good microfiber dry and a wet mop. A vacuum can also be used on a bamboo wood floor. Use the dry mop for quick removal of minor soil. For larger soil removal jobs, use a vacuum with a padded attachment. This will help pick up the tiniest particles of sand or dirt.

Keep a Clean Bamboo Wood Floor

Depending on the volume of foot traffic of a bamboo wood floor, the surface remains durable far longer than other types of flooring. Avoid abrasives that can scratch the urethane surface. Should a spill occur, this flooring material prefers only a gentle detergent no stronger than that, which is used for dishes. Then, wipe spills away. Look for cleaners that do not require a final rinse after mopping. These work best with a bamboo wood floor.

Tackling Hard-to-Remove Spills

Most spills are wiped away easily or with a little help from a cleaner. For spills that congeal into a small mass such as wax or gum, try using an ice cube to harden it and then follow this with a Teflon-coated scraper to remove the material. A Teflon-coated scraper helps prevent gouging to the floor’s surface. Bamboo wood floors are intended to look as natural as their origin. Thus, no floor wax is needed. In fact, with this type floor, waxing can create a layered build-up over time that will alter the natural hue of the wood.

Treating Oil or Tar Stains On Bamboo Wood Floors

Should a tougher stain from oil or tar occur on a bamboo wood floor, the safest thing to do is to immediately place baking soda over the stain. This acts as an absorbent and is safe for the flooring. Allow the baking soda to remain until it turns color. After the oil or tar has been absorbed, vacuum up the residue and follow this with a gentle detergent. This will work mostly with fresh, new stains of this nature. Stains that are set may require repeating this process.


Expert Opinion

Quote: “For all wood and wood-like flooring, wet spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent warping. A dry mop at least once a week should be used to maintain shine. When using cleaning agents specially formulated for bamboo flooring, it is important to follow the recommended manufacturers’ directions for use. A damp, soft material should be used for cleaning spills, scuff marks or foreign matter that will require a more thorough cleaning.”

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