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How to Clean a Stained Deck


How to Clean a Stained Deck

Learn how to clean a stained deck and keep your deck area looking brand new using these tips, tricks and instructions. Cleaning a stained deck is a similar process to cleaning an unprotected wooden deck. Because the wood stain on the deck planks is permanent, few cleaning solutions will pull the stain off of the wood. Your biggest concern will be to protect the surface of the wood from deep scratches and gouges.


Prep the stained deck for cleaning by removing all furniture and objects from the deck including rugs in front of doors, patio furniture, flower pots and grills. Sweep the deck to remove large and dry particles from the deck surface and look for any spots on the wood that need special attention.

Spot Clean Grease Spots

Removing grease spots left behind from dropping foods, or using a grill on the deck should be cleaned up first before any other cleaning is conducted. To remove the grease spots. Spot clean the deck with a scrubbing sponge, extremely hot water and grease-cutting liquid dish detergent. Apply the detergent directly to the spots and then scrub with the sponge dipped in hot water.

Swabbing the Deck

To clean the entire surface of the deck, you will need to mix up a solution of warm water and oxygenated bleach cleaner, such as brand name OxyClean that will not harm wood or plants and grass around the deck while bringing the deck back to its original stained color. Fill a 5-gallon bucket half full of warm water and mix in 15-ounces of the powdered oxygen bleach. The powder reacts as it enters the water and creates a solution that will effectively deep clean the wooden stained deck. Once the powder is mixed, pour it onto a small portion of the deck and scrub with a scrubbing brush; the stained wood color will begin to appear and the gray dull color will disappear.

Rinse Cycle

After applying the water and bleach solution to the entire deck and scrubbing to remove the dull gray from the wood planks, rinse the deck thoroughly by passing a garden hose over the deck several times.



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