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How to Clean Copper Jewelry


Did you know that Worcestershire sauce will clean copper jewelry?  There are several items found right in your home that can do the job easily and effectively.

Although your copper jewelry may tarnish rather quickly, it is not difficult to restore these pieces to their original luster. Here are some methods that should do the trick:

  • You can use commercial cleaner, but before you do, make certain that this products will not do any damage to any stones your jewelry contains.
  • Surprisingly, the tomato acid found in Worcestershire sauce is an excellent choice for cleaning copper jewelry, but it also should not be used with pearls or delicate stones that could not withstand commercial cleaners.
  • Ketchup also does a good job, but it is less convenient to use. You can apply it with a soft cloth or old toothbrush and then rinse the jewelry well, but take the same precautions that you would with Worcestershire sauce. You can also combine water with lemon or limejuice and a teaspoon of salt, and stir the mixture gently. Allow the items, which should not be in the delicate category, to soak in this mixture for just a few minutes. Then remove them, and be sure to rinse the jewelry thoroughly. If required, you can also repeat the process.

Keep It from Tarnishing

To keep you copper jewelry from tarnishing, store the pieces in a jewelry case or re-sealable plastic bag, and use anti-tarnish paper.

Some gemologists recommend cleaning your copper jewelry whenever you wear it with mild soap and water, rinsing it completely, and using a soft cloth to dry it. In addition, storing the items in an airtight container should prevent them from becoming tarnished so quickly. You can also use a jeweler’s polishing cloth to clean your copper jewelry. If you leave the residue from polishing on the items, it will help to retain their shine, but remember that doing this may also irritate sensitive skin.

Protective Lacquer

If you purchase some copper jewelry with a protective lacquer, do not attempt to clean it by using any of the methods mentioned above, In fact, if you buy an antique item, you might actually decrease its value by doing so. Collectors often do not clean such jewelry, and this task is often left up to the buyer.



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