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How to Clean Red Lipstick from Carpet

How to clean red lipstick carpet

Lipstick stains are slightly more difficult to remove than other stains are because cosmetics are generally comprised of several ingredients each requiring individual consideration.

Ingredients in Lipstick

In the case of a lipstick stain, the ingredients that need to be managed are oil, waxes, and the ingredients comprising the color pigment.

Carpet fibers, as well as carpet-cleaning solutions all differ so be sure to test any product in an inconspicuous spot before making any attempts at stain removal. Once you have ensured that your carpet will not discolor from your spot removal attempts, try the following cleaning solutions.

Dry-cleaning solvent: The first step in your stain removal process should be to manage the oil/wax portion of a lipstick stain.  Use a dry-cleaning solvent or a stain remover with a grease solvent.  Dampen a white, absorbent cloth with water and begin to blot at the stain that has been treated with the grease solvent. If numerous attempts do not get rid of it completely, move on to the dye stain removal process.

Rubbing Alcohol: Use straight rubbing alcohol to blot the stain. Once you have fully dampened the stain, use straight water followed by detergent.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

To prevent embedding the stain: Never scrub at a carpet stain.  Rather than assisting in lifting the liquid from the carpet, it could actually grind it deeper into the fibers.

To prevent spreading: Always work your stain from the outer edge toward the interior.



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