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How to Clean Shower Doors with Vinegar


Your shower door will shine beautifully if you simply clean it with white vinegar or a mixture of white vinegar, ammonia, and hot water. While commercial cleaners can be great at cleaning your shower door as well, many of them give off strong odors and are also more costly.

Removing Hard Water Deposits

The formation of hard water deposits is a problem that can affect the shower, shower doors, toilet, and even the sink. What are hard water deposits and how can they be removed?

Hard water deposits are a build-up of minerals from the water that comes into contact with your sink and bathtub. These minerals harden and form an unattractive coating on your shower door and around your bathtub fixtures. Once they are in place, hard water deposits cannot just be scrubbed away by hand.

Using a solution of white vinegar and warm water will help loosen the build-up so it can be wiped away. Also, rinsing these areas after each shower will help keep the hard water deposits from returning.

Preventative Measures

If you follow a few simple preventative measures, cleaning your shower stall and door will be a lot easier in future. For example, wiping the shower walls and door after each shower will keep moisture levels down and prevent the growth of mildew. Leaving the shower door open if you have an enclosed unit will also prevent the buildup of too much moisture and the subsequent growth of mildew.



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