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How to Conclude a Cover Letter


When writing a cover letter to introduce your resume to a potential employer, it is easy to get lost trying to fit all of those positive attributes about yourself on one page. Even harder than this is concluding your letter. Here is how to conclude a cover letter.


With the closing paragraph of your cover letter, you should sum up and conclude your piece. Make sure to reiterate your interest in the organization and your desire to be a part of said organization. Show the initiative and your interest in maintaining further contact with the organization you are submitting your cover letter to, whether it is in the form of setting up an appointment for an interview or more. Make sure to wrap up your experience and abilities in this paragraph and to provide a counter argument to any weaknesses the organization may see in your abilities. For example, if you are writing a cover letter for a job that is similar to your area of expertise but unfamiliar to you experience wise, discuss how your current abilities can help you excel in said field and your desire to do so. It is helpful to add at the conclusion of a cover letter information where you can be reached, though it is not completely necessary as you should already have this on your resume. Keep all of this concise, and make sure to proofread and edit accordingly and thoroughly.


-Summarize why you and your abilities and/or experience are an appropriate fit for the receiving organization.

-Make a request for action from the organization, i.e. for further contact from the receiving organization, for an interview, etc.

-Unless an employer requests not to, state that you plan on following up your application by phoning to check on the status or even set up an interview.




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