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How To Conduct An Exit Interview


An exit interview with a departing employee is an important step for employers and organizations because it provides the latter with helpful information on what areas in the company need improvement and evaluation.

When To Conduct An Exit Interview

As its name implies, an exit interview is conducted before the employee officially leaves the company. But the ideal date and time of the exit interview differs depending on the reason for such departure. For instance, if the employee is the one who initiated and sought for his own resignation, the exit interview may be conducted on his final day of work.

Meanwhile, if an employee is terminated and is asked to leave the company immediately, he may not be in the best condition to be the subject of an exit interview on that same day. It is therefore recommended that his exit interview be set a few days later, when the terminated employee has had time to reflect on the recent events that just transpired.

Questions To Ask During An Exit Interview

Exit interview questions should be crafted in such a way that a substantial amount of feedback and information can be obtained from the departing employee, especially because departing employees are more likely to give their honest and candid feedback about what they are not happy about with the company.

Here are some important questions that must be asked during an exit interview:

  1. What are your reasons for leaving our company? (If the departure is voluntary)
  2. What did you like best about working for our company?
  3. What did you like least about working for our company?
  4. Do feel that you got the right amount of support from your colleagues, supervisors and the staff from the other departments?
  5. What are the procedures in the company do you feel inhibit or prevent you from doing your work effectively?



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